Indonesia Top Travel Place in the World


Nowadays, Indonesia is trying their best to get as many tourists as possible. That can be seen from its law related with the free tourism visa that can let you in as a traveler for a month or so. In fact, Indonesia has announced that they already added some other countries on the list that will make it more than 100 countries that can go inside Indonesia as a tourist. If you are thinking about going to Indonesia because of that reason, then you will need to make sure that you visit these places that can be considered as the top places in Indonesia that you need to visit.

The first one is the diving spot in Bali Island. For your information, Bali is very famous for its beaches and diving spots. However, if you are looking for the best spot to go diving, then Gili Trawangan will be the best spot that you need to go. That is because you can find a lot of floras and faunas under the sea in here. That way, you can simply take a great picture of the sea in this place. If this is your first time diving, then you will not need to worry since this place has a lot of spots that will suit many different diving levels and abilities of the tourists.

The second is the volcano in front of your eyes. Indonesia is the home of many volcanoes. In fact Indonesia is also known as the name of Ring of Fire. That is because you can find a lot of volcanoes from the very east of this country to the very west. Some of them are still active while some others are considered as the sleeping volcanoes. If you are thinking about the best place, then you can pick almost anything since many of them have a great volcano views. However, if you are looking for something greater than the others are, then you will need to go to east of Java to find the blue fire. The blue fire from this volcano will surely amaze you, especially at night.

The next one is the great landscape and wildlife views. This is one of the best that you can get if you love nature a lot. That is because Indonesia has a lot of natures that will amaze you. You just need to travel somewhere that has that kind of nature and wildlife. For example, you can hike on Argopuro Mountain to
find even the wildest panther on your way to the summit or the most beautiful peacock on your way down to the base camp. If you are looking for the mini version of Amazon, then you can find one in east of Java on the artificial forest that consist a lot of wildlife living on a nature that looks totally the same like the
nature where they live. That kind of experience can surely be one nice thing to have during your travel. So, what do you think about travelling to Indonesia?