In search of Key Drivers of Indonesian Empowerment

The International Indonesia Forum is a non-profit multidisciplinary community of scholars from Indonesia and beyond. Our goal is to promote the free exchange of ideas and diversity in the academic discourses regarding various aspects of Indonesia, including but not limited to its culture, economy, history, legal system, and politics.

Indonesian society is a mosaic of elements, all functioning in their own right and embedded in their own specific contexts. This complex structure comprises of various actors who, by managing the resources at their disposal, contribute to an empowerment of Indonesia. In reaching their individual goals, each of these actors controls and uses various resources—including, but not limited to, leadership, motivation, business and financial resources—and thus contributes greatly to the success of any undertaking in Indonesia.

For the 9th IIF conference, the theme will be the various forms of actors of Indonesian empowerment in sourcing projects undertaken in Indonesian society. The effective use of resources serves to mobilize various forms of empowerment, and the drivers behind this mobilization are the core theme of the 9th IIF conference.

Once again, we call upon scholars of various disciplines to explore how actors of empowerment, through the use of resources, impact Indonesia in various fields and aspects (political, religious, social, cultural, regional, business, economic, education, communication, history, law, management, technology). We welcome the contributions of scholars working on various aspects related to this broad topic of resource use and empowerment to the 9th International Indonesia Forum, which will be held in Jakarta at the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, from 23–24 August 2016.

Persons wishing to present papers at the conference are invited to submit a short CV and one-page abstract in electronic form (PDF or Microsoft Word) to Dr Frank Dhont and Christopher Woodrich at and, respectively by March 31, 2016. All abstracts must be in English, and papers will likewise be presented in English. Practical information regarding the conference is available here. Further practical questions can be addressed to the head of the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia local organizing committee, Rosdiana Sijabat, at For information on the 9th IIF International Conference and on the IIF’s previous conferences and publications, see